Our Mission

A Hub For All Charities

We are continually striving to enhance, educate, and rehabilitate economies through our Wanderlist charity trips. We bring awareness to incredible causes through social media marketing, story telling, the power of influence, and providing life changing trips that heal hearts and minds through traveling with a purpose.

Meet Our Team


Passionate and Creative

Nicknamed Mads with irony due to her never actually getting Mad. Mads is what we call a healthy addict. Some people have their fix, and her fix is travel and charity work, as well as crystal light caffeine packets. We appreciate Mads creative mind even though It can get us in over our head, and then all of a sudden we are on a roller coaster in Las Vegas en route to Los Angeles for a business meeting. She has lots of big ideas and tends to get anyone she meets involved in her ideas with the thought in her mind that if she’s passionate about something, that means everyone can be! For example, starting a travel and charity company at the age of 21, didn’t scare her in the slightest. Just needed to find a team of fellow addicts, and bad asses to take the leap. Be careful with her though, you are most likely to have too much fun and forget about all of your responsibilities. She is also notorious for offering strangers vitamins. Yes vitamins… natural energy, and digestive enzymes to be precise. Her happiness is infectious so please keep your distance for your own well being, because happiness will rub off on you. (Sorry in advance) Actions speak louder than words in her mind. If she says she is going to travel to space, she most likely is already packed and loaded up. She is often found with puppies calling them chickens.


Intuitive and impulsive

If a ram and a hawk made a baby, it would be Talen. He is spontaneous and sometimes rather impulsive. Passionate to the utmost, Talen is intuitive, adaptable and open to new ideas. He is extremely confident in every facet of his life because if he wasn’t, that would be un-American. Either way, he is good at what he does. As to what he does, no one actually knows, he just always seems to be exactly where he intends to be and has mastered the art of manifestation. He is charismatic and can sell anything from pest control to panties. He has an uncanny eye for detail and the art of creation sparks his Soul. His life motto is leap and the net will appear, and he can often be found sipping on a Cotton Candy Bang drink while casually talking about enlightenment and expanding your consciousness. He thrives in uncertainty and his travel addiction stems from his wild curiosity and thirst for freedom. This kid needs freedom like a valley girl needs validation from her insta likes.


Be different, be wild

Whilst running across the Tarmac of a Chinese airport, jumping on plane after plane and being detained for hours, in that moment Cru realized he can get out of any situation when he puts his mind to it. He lives his life motto: Be different, be wild, be style! And sometimes be like Jesus. He’s graced the sales world alongside the prodigy Talen Barney for many years and learned that chasing money doesn’t equal happiness but rather creates an everlasting thirst for what is life? In search of life, the pursuit of happiness, and a 10 hot 4 crazy wife, he has found joy in helping others and traveling the world with his homies! He will let you know he can solve a rubiks cube in under 2 minutes and will openly discuss his love for the greatest showman to anyone. Welcome to the Cru Life.



The Wanderlist Community

By providing life changing trips that allow people to travel with purpose, we believe that we can truly heal hearts and minds. We believe in the power of community and we believe in healing through connection and togetherness. When one embarks upon a Wanderlist trip, there is more than meets the eye.

Although individuals set out to explore the world, meet their favorite influencers, and experience the trip of a lifetime, they return home with much more than they anticipated. As you return home from your Wanderlist trip, you will begin to notice how the trip was set up ultimately to transform your soul through the following actions:



As you make new friends and connect with others in our social activities and adventures, you ultimately connect more with yourself.


This is the gateway to joy. As we play all week, it brings you back to a state of innocence and helps you rekindle your inner child. Your magical child.


We provide an experience that allows you to express your true authentic self; no judgement, no critique. Just loving acceptance as we move, dance and express.


When you lose yourself in the service of others, you find yourself. Each charity trip brings you that much closer to what you’re seeking in life.


Creation breeds happiness. The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul, and when you create beauty around you, you restore your own soul.

At the end of the day, through all the beautiful excursions on tropical islands and majestic picturesque moments, we have one ultimate, deep-rooted purpose. We are here to heal people. We are here to empower humanity and provide the platform that allows them to find the courage to empower themselves. To dig deep and express their true authentic soul. No matter your past, your reputation, or what you have experienced, the Wanderlist community provides an emotional safe space for people to peel off the layers and express their true self and heal.

As the individual feels continuous loving acceptance from the group, they soon begins to adopt that attitude of loving acceptance towards themselves. And when we truly accept and love ourselves, we have nothing but love to give back to the world. It’s time to let go of everything, and just be. The connection and community we provide on our trips helps people to disconnect from the world, reconnect with themselves, and find their true purpose in life.

So ask yourself, what are your intentions? As for Wanderlist, we are not just here to provide memorable trips. We are here to transform lives. Join the community, and let’s make a difference.


What is Wanderlist?

We are a hub for all charities continually striving to enhance, educate, and rehabilitate economies through our Wanderlist charity trips. We bring awareness to incredible causes through social media marketing, story telling, the power of influence, and providing life changing trips that heal hearts and minds through traveling with a purpose.

How much are trips?

Trip prices range depending on what area of the world we are traveling to as well as how much is included in the trip. A 7-10 day trip will range from $2500- $5000. With each trip we announce the price will be announced with it as well.

Do I need to purchase my own flight?

Flights are not included. We will offer you many options when It comes to flights though! Once you purchase a ticket for a Wanderlist trip, we will supply you with the best possibilities of flying from your destination to our trip destination.

What will we be doing on the trip?

During the trip we will be splitting up days where half the time we are doing charity work, and the rest of the time we will be exploring the beautiful country we are in and going on epic excursions! Aside from that, we will also be networking together and creating beautiful content to help bring more exposure to these beautiful places all over the world. The charity work will be a huge part of the trip, and we will be dedicating some time to a few different service projects as well.

What charity work will we be involved in?

We are a hub for all charities! With that being said, we will be supporting any cause we can get behind. Before every trip the Wanderlist crew will go to a country, scope it out, meet with multiple different charities and decide what charities we can help out with the aid of our amazing guests. A big part is bringing awareness to beautiful causes through our social media platforms. We will see what their needs are as a charity and prep ahead of time before guests arrive.

Why are Wanderlist trips so often talked about?

Wanderlist isn’t just about charity and travel. We hope to heal hearts and minds of our guests, influencers, and people all over the world. Sometimes we have to disconnect from the crazy world we live in to reconnect within ourselves. Charity and travel can allow your mind to heal and your heart to become full.