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Thankful Families

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“In front of this house I was stopped by a little boy from the local community, holding his baby sister in his arms, during our @wanderlistfoundationhumanitarian work for the locals around the Samaná province of the Dominican Republic. His request was simple. “Ayuda con mi casa.” – ‘Help with my house’, he said. •
Some hours later of cleaning the yard, painting the house, and getting rid of all the surrounding trash, this picture was taken with his sisters. Seeing how thankful these families were made the entire trip a success and made each and every person helping realize how important these projects are to local communities.” -Robert Hunter @roberthunter89

Sending Love

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“s/o to the dominican people for being so incredibly welcoming 🦋🌟 this country is stunning.. palm trees literally grow in huge forests here ❕🌴❕ we had the opportunity to give back to the community during our stay by walking through the city cleaning up trash, and painting a few houses. the locals were joining in and helping, so pure ✨ 💛 after seeing these kids so willing to help us cross rivers and show us their land, (ft @plantifulsoul showing us how to be a fresh water mermaid) it only felt right to try and somehow send the love back. 🤗” – Kelly Lauren @kelly.lauren

The Human Connection

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“Human connection is the base ingredient for a society to progress. on this trip to the dominican, we wanted to give back to the community that so graciously hosted us. and even then, the youngest members of the community wouldn’t let us work alone. we cleared a mile of trash on a road that leads to the beach and painted 3 houses. before painting the last one is when i had the idea for “reconnect” so I brought out my white paint and handed it to the kids. the idea was to put hand prints on @charlyjordan for the first image but they promptly turned her into a canvas and covered her completely. they also managed to get it all over me and themselves by the time we were done. in the end, we had become part of their art and they had become a part of ours. a beautiful form of connection if you ask me” -Brendan North @brendannorth

Willingness To Help

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“The children of the dominican republic are amazing. i am so grateful i got to spend so much time with them, just watching their willingness to help taught me so much. the second we started cleaning up trash along the streets, they had gloves on immediately and walked more than a mile just to help us. then we started to paint some of the locals houses, and they were so excited to be able to contribute in making something so beautiful. after all the charity, they followed us to the beach and we played in the ocean with all of them. truly unforgettable. to all the kids of dominican republic, thank you.” – Dylan Bonino @Dylan.bonino

Days Spent Serving Others

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“Days spent serving others… this day was one of the truest forms of bliss I’ve ever felt. The kids smiling faces, the loving and selfless energy brought by everyone. I’ll never forget it. To bring a vision of mine to life left me speechless. We filled an entire dump truck worth of garbage and trash that filled the surrounding community, as the kids in the neighboring village helped it turned into something truly amazing. And to make a meaningful impact/ connecting with the kids was a feeling I can’t describe. Thank you everyone who came out to the Dominican and took a chance on mine and others dreams.” -Charly Jordan @charlyjordan

Charity is love. That is why we all need more of it.

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“Charity is love. And that is why we all need more of it.

This day. I was mostly silent just taking it all in. Every place, every soul needs helping. Sometimes it’s so hard to ask for help. Sometimes it’s much easier to serve the people around me and keep quite about what I might need. It kind of outweighs my “needs.” Serving others fills my heart to a point I don’t need to serve myself as much.

Austin, he is the head honcho for the Dominican Treehouse village. Living close to the village of Samaná, he saw what the people might need help with first hand. I’m so grateful for Austin for being the keys to the city in a way and helping us understand that what we are doing might seem small, but It will hopefully create a big impact.

We walked a mile down to the beach and picked up every piece of trash we could with a huge dumpster truck following.

It was crazy, the minute we started all the kids in the village rushed to come help. They walked all the way down with us and helped us pick up trash. The kids are the future of this village and that’s why It was so exciting! They knew we had a good reason for what we were doing.

In these places, the nature is so incredibly beautiful that It attracts tourists. But if the land is dirty and not taken care of, It can be a turn off. If the land is clean, and the people of the village learn the importance of always picking up trash, It can lead to attracting more tourism which in turn leads to improving their economies by providing jobs for the locals. This was a simple act, that hopefully creates a long term impact. I couldn’t help but relate It to so many things. I was constantly telling myself, “I need to fix so much, I need to make huge drastic changes” but no one works like that. You can make the smallest fix, or help in the smallest way, and It can lead to a huge impact.

Another thing we did while we were there was paint a few locals homes. This was a small thing, that helped the owners of the homes to feel a sense of pride for where they lived. I hope when I go back, we are not only painting homes, but helping to build more stable ones. It takes time to truly build a relationship with these beautiful people to have them trust that we have the best intentions. It’s only the beginning! I’m excited for all the many things that we can accomplish in this particular place of the world.”  -Madison Muirbrook @madsskay