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Charity is love. That is why we all need more of it.

By January 28, 2019Charity

“Charity is love. And that is why we all need more of it.

This day. I was mostly silent just taking it all in. Every place, every soul needs helping. Sometimes it’s so hard to ask for help. Sometimes it’s much easier to serve the people around me and keep quite about what I might need. It kind of outweighs my “needs.” Serving others fills my heart to a point I don’t need to serve myself as much.

Austin, he is the head honcho for the Dominican Treehouse village. Living close to the village of Samaná, he saw what the people might need help with first hand. I’m so grateful for Austin for being the keys to the city in a way and helping us understand that what we are doing might seem small, but It will hopefully create a big impact.

We walked a mile down to the beach and picked up every piece of trash we could with a huge dumpster truck following.

It was crazy, the minute we started all the kids in the village rushed to come help. They walked all the way down with us and helped us pick up trash. The kids are the future of this village and that’s why It was so exciting! They knew we had a good reason for what we were doing.

In these places, the nature is so incredibly beautiful that It attracts tourists. But if the land is dirty and not taken care of, It can be a turn off. If the land is clean, and the people of the village learn the importance of always picking up trash, It can lead to attracting more tourism which in turn leads to improving their economies by providing jobs for the locals. This was a simple act, that hopefully creates a long term impact. I couldn’t help but relate It to so many things. I was constantly telling myself, “I need to fix so much, I need to make huge drastic changes” but no one works like that. You can make the smallest fix, or help in the smallest way, and It can lead to a huge impact.

Another thing we did while we were there was paint a few locals homes. This was a small thing, that helped the owners of the homes to feel a sense of pride for where they lived. I hope when I go back, we are not only painting homes, but helping to build more stable ones. It takes time to truly build a relationship with these beautiful people to have them trust that we have the best intentions. It’s only the beginning! I’m excited for all the many things that we can accomplish in this particular place of the world.”  -Madison Muirbrook @madsskay

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