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Before the main trip, the Wanderlist crew attends a pre-trip where we sit down with the charity before our guests arrive and learn everything about what they are doing and how we can incorporate and help bring awareness in the best light. On our most recent trip we were able to collaborate with the Dominican Treehouse Village and help them create a future community center that will help the locals near the resort. We painted a few houses and picked up 300 lbs of trash to beautify the area. On our second trip we were able to purchase an acre of land where a community center is being built for the locals. We re-painted a school and supplied them with electricity as well as air conditioning units. Lastly, we built them a website and are
currently helping build their social media presence so they can start bringing more awareness to audiences world wide.

Last Trip Stats

  • Social Media Reach
  • Trip Attendees
  • Lbs Of Garbage Collected
  • Locals Impacted
  • 20,000,000+
  • 80+
  • 300+
  • 2,000+

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Our Plan

We will be spreading awareness for multiple charities all over the world by utilizing social media platforms to optimize high level influencer marketing and beautiful content creation that will attract more tourism to developing countries. Over the next year with the help of multiple brand collaborations, we plan to grow as a hub for all charities as we provide proper education of self reliance to the locals by means of our Wanderlist trips. Our long term vision consists of creating flourishing micro enterprise’s that can be consistently replicated for villages in need all over the

We will use our resources and elite network to bring along powerful and impactful individuals to help educate, train, and empower locals to start their own businesses using the resources and skills they have with the ultimate end goal of autonomy, self sufficiency, and purpose.

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