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Jungle Disconnect: When Networking, Travel, and Passion Unite

By February 8, 2019New

What place do phones have in our lives? I’m unsure how often this question is asked especially in an era in which the use of social media is ingrained in our culture, but it is a question that should be asked much more often. In light of the strengthening grip phones have had on us in 2018, I’ve noticed an emerging trend where people are becoming more self-aware of how phones are blending work, leisure, life and addiction all into one space. Is tracking our usage an answer? Should we use application blockers to unwind the void in which we’ve spiraled out of control? As a digital marketer and media professional, I ask myself these questions almost every day. An hour of digital work can very easily turn into the next hour of the sucking hollowness that can be social media…


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