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What They’re Saying About Us

“Days spent serving others... this day was one of the truest forms of bliss I've ever felt. The kids smiling faces, the loving and selfless energy brought by everyone. I'll never forget it. To bring a vision of mine to life left me speechless. We filled an entire dump truck worth of garbage and trash that filled the surrounding community, as the kids in the neighboring village helped it turned into something truly amazing. And to make a meaningful impact / connecting with the kids was a feeling I can't describe. thank you everyone who came out to the Dominican and took a chance on mine and others dreams.”

Charly JordanInfluencer

“This day in specific I was doing pretty bad mentally. As stupid as it sounds I saw other people shooting and looking so beautiful that I got in my own head. Told myself I looked terrible because my hair didn't look good enough, my face was disgusting and I wasn't pretty enough to be in those photos. Later that day I found this cute little guy playin on the beach and it made me so happy. It was the first time I had smiled all day. This week I was surrounded by amazing people who always went out of their way to make me feel loved and beautiful...”

Ari Hicks

“Completely unedited photos for a completely unedited week. For the past seven days I've been deep inside the heart of the Dominican Republic jungle and my heart has grown three sizes! Being without phone service / wifi has blessed me by surfacing any reliant tendencies I've created with social media. In the past I've sometimes used technology for a means to feel understood... when in reality, we can always find a way to feel connected with others, it just takes a little time to go beyond the surface...”

Kelly Lauren

“Going into this trip, I was prepared to give. Give absolutely everything and anything I had to give to those who may need it; a smile, a laugh, a helping hand, a place to come and rest, and really as much time, care and energy as the week would allow me. However, I am extremely humbled to say that I was absolutely not prepared for what I have RECEIVED from this trip...”

Natalie White