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The Human Connection

By January 28, 2019Charity

“Human connection is the base ingredient for a society to progress. on this trip to the dominican, we wanted to give back to the community that so graciously hosted us. and even then, the youngest members of the community wouldn’t let us work alone. we cleared a mile of trash on a road that leads to the beach and painted 3 houses. before painting the last one is when i had the idea for “reconnect” so I brought out my white paint and handed it to the kids. the idea was to put hand prints on @charlyjordan for the first image but they promptly turned her into a canvas and covered her completely. they also managed to get it all over me and themselves by the time we were done. in the end, we had become part of their art and they had become a part of ours. a beautiful form of connection if you ask me” -Brendan North @brendannorth


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